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The List {No. 3} LA Food Edition

In no particular order....

These are the places that have aided me in eating my feelings for the past year. What a delight it has been. Sooooo much cheese and sooooo many mimosas. Even though my year of indulgence is now behind me, I have a very tight list of my absolute favorites. Long may they reign.

  1. Ella at The Sixty Hotel

  2. Saffy's on Fountain ~ YOU ARE WELCOME

  3. Kaviar (arguably the best sushi in LA)

  4. Mother Tongue at Heimat

  5. Laurel Hardware

  6. High Tea at The Peninsula Beverly Hills

  7. El Coyote (It's an LA classic for a reason.)

  8. Mother Wolf (worth the wait)

  9. Seoulmates (get the Bulgogi grilled cheese!)

  10. Brunch at LAVO

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