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The List {No. 2} Desert Edition

I am leaving the desert, and it has me feeling things all at once. I'm moving to LA for work this week. It's kind of wild how it all lined up so seamlessly and, honestly, effortlessly. I nabbed the apartment of my 1930s Hollywood dreams on the first try and have been able to make more decisions based on want, not need, for the first time in a long while. I signed my lease today and I feel like a grown-ass broad. It's the best fucking feeling. Though my departure will be bittersweet, I leave you with the very best of the desert, in my humble (but correct) opinion.

  1. Monsoon Indian Cuisine FOREVER

  2. The Beauty Collective 111

  3. Melody Note Vintage

  4. Peach Whiskers Vintage

  5. Winzer Hair Salon / Winzer Records

  6. Brown's BBQ and Soul Food

  7. the drive-in theatre behind Pappy & Harriet's

  8. Mojave Flea Trading Post (both locations!)

  9. Chef Tanya's Kitchen

  10. SmokeTree Stables (has my heart forever)

I'll be seeing you, Palm Springs.


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