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Girls! Girls! Girls!

I have had blogs before and frankly, I was far too much of a perfectionist to let things I wrote linger online for too long. I am getting over that now. It's okay for me to make bad shit sometimes. We will all move forward.

Anyway, after 2020....and 2021, it's like time isn't even real and nothing matters, so what the hell. Here's my BLOG. Yes, blogs are lame, but who knows maybe this one will have some glimmers of brilliance.

Alas, there is a point to this blog! It's not to give anyone any advice because, holy shit, I am not qualified. (I struggle with mental illness, but more on that later.) It's not to share recipes. This bitch does not cook! The point of this endeavor is to document my adventures offering my eclectic set of skills to female creatives and entrepreneurs.

Why? I'll tell you. The pandemic really fucked women over. The statistics will make your stomach drop. So, what is an anxious little artist to do? Offer my creative skills, any way I can, and be a big ball of joy and good energy sponsored by generic Prozac, of course!

So far, it has led to me some incredible projects and some even more incredible women. It has all been so gosh darn fulfilling, I just have to document it.

Also, this is my battle cry to any and all female/non-binary/queer artists and entrepreneurs that are looking to make a project they are passionate about a reality, but just need a little help. I am a writer, filmmaker, artist, and all around creative human that loooooooves to see others succeed. Seriously, I get a high off of it. Sure, I'm also actually high most of the time, but that's neither here nor there.

I already have several lady-led adventures to write about, so stay tuned for me sounding really gay for all of these brilliant and passionate women! (You'd be half right.)


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